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BBS Wheel Center Caps 4pcs 55mm

BBS Wheel Center Caps 4pcs 55mm
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BBS Wheel Center Caps 4pcs 55mm
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These caps are produced from high-quality PVC vinyl with Coating from 3D domed optic resin.100% waterproof and sun resistant protection. The inner material is made of Abs plastic.


Product dimensions are stated as "inner and outer diameter".

The inner diameter is 55mm, outer diameter is 60mm. The product is suitable for rims that have a 55 mm(5.5cm) diameter slot.

The dimensions of wheel center caps may vary according to the type of the rim and car. In order to decide which wheel center caps u should buy, measure the inner diameter of the slot that wheel center caps will be located.

If the inner and outer diameter fits with the diameters in the product explanation, u can use the product without any doubts.


Note:!!! : Before buying, watch the video at the bottom and buy if you are sure that it fits the rim of your car. Otherwise, no refund will be accepted.

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Wheel Center Caps 4pcs 55mm

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